Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Health Care Hysteria

I came across these lines today reading David Bentley Hart's ATHEIST DELUSIONS:

"We are first and foremost , heroic and insatiable consumers and we must not allow the specters of transcendent law or personal guilt to render us indecisive. For us, it is choice itself, and not what we choose, that is the first good, and this applies not only to such matters as what we shall purchase or how we shall live. In even our gravest political and ethical debates - regarding economic policy, abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, censorship, genetic engineering, and so on - 'choice' is a principle not only frequently invoked, by one side or both, but often seeming to exeercise an almost mystical supremacy over all other conceerns." (22)

It is hard for me to avoid the conclusion after yesterdays town hall meetings on health care that some such dynamic is a least part (perhaps a major part) of the anger and ritualistic invocation of the specter of socialism and totalitarianism heard so much in these meetings.


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